As an early adaptor of logistics technology, we fully understand that where we were 6 months ago is not where we are today, or will be 6 months from now. From scanning systems designed to facilitate complete chain-of-custody delivery to interfaces that allow order load/entry with real-time data tracking including electronic signature, systems are continually inspected and updated. Within DMC Logistics, we have a full-service IT department dedicated to supporting our customers and network continually providing special attention in our ability to meet any technology interface that our customers need.

  • Route optimization. Bar code scanning. EPOD/POD’s. GPS.
  • Real-time data capture. ASN. Fully detailed package tracking.
  • Invoicing tailored to include EDI, excel, email and standard paper billing.
  • GPS systems monitor and analyze routes to reduce costs, efficiently route orders.
  • 3PL Interface capability.
Same-Day, Next-Day, or Multiple-Day service, customers rely on DMC Logistics for security, safety, and reliability of service. Web-based delivery information 24/7.
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Delivering USA’s most recognized brands in national retail, wholesale pharmaceuticals and medical lab specimen industries.

Scheduled • On-Demand • Dedicated • Routed • Pool-Point Distribution • Courier • Mailroom Sorting/Interoffice
Hazardous Material Certified • ASN/EDI/GPS • HIPAA/OSHA Compliant