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At DMC Logistics we understand that today’s RETAIL customers are savvy and want much more from their relationship with their delivery company than just a low cost: customers require service that delivers on value.  Shipment integrity and supply chain security coupled with meeting tight delivery time requirements are vital to the success of our retail customer’s supply chain. From sales and fulfillment to customer support and billing, “our core purpose it to contribute to the success of our customer.”

POOL POINT |CROSS DOCK | FLOOR LOADED | SORTING | ASN | OS&D | REAL-TIME SCANNING | E-POD. Reserve logistics provides product & pallet return. Systems monitor and analyze routes to reduce costs, route orders. Invoicing systems are tailored to customer requirement and provide multiple formats of EDI, excel, email and standard paper billing. With a scalable fleet and excellent visibility, our air and ground network is readily poised to grow with your business needs. Same-Day, Next-Day, or Multiple-Day service, customers rely on DMC Logistics for security, safety, and reliability of service. Web-based delivery information 24/7.

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Delivering USA’s most recognized brands in national retail, wholesale pharmaceuticals and medical lab specimen industries.

Scheduled • On-Demand • Dedicated • Routed • Pool-Point Distribution • Courier • Mailroom Sorting/Interoffice
Hazardous Material Certified • ASN/EDI/GPS • HIPAA/OSHA Compliant

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DMC Logistics offers a variety of Logistics Solutions to meet the demands of your business.
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