Delivering USA’s most recognized brands in national retail, wholesale pharmaceuticals and medical lab specimen industries.


→Cross Docking | Deliveries are unloaded from incoming 53′ tractor trailers and sorted and loaded or directly transferred to outbound fleet of various size, then routed to meet end point delivery needs.  Scanning systems designed to facilitate complete chain-of-custody tracking provide our customers real time data and tracking to include electronic signature.

→Dedicated | Deliveries are designed and routed to meet your unique needs and are not conjunctively transported with other client product.

→Distribution + Pool Point | Routed and custom distribution solutions with one goal in mind: meet customer expectations. Whether your needs require cross dock facilities, warehousing,  end point delivery or dedicated line-haul, we fully understand the impact at the Last Mile – it is crucial to your success, and to ours. Skip the LTL expense by pooling bulk deliveries – additional cost saving accrue for shipments riding on current distribution and scheduled routing.

→On-Demand | Your last-minute project headache becomes our same-day or next-day delivery solution. Deliveries are designed and routed to meet your unique needs that may vary from day to day, week to week. Access your account online to process and expedite delivery; enter and view a record of your pickup history and edit or cancel your pickups. It’s that easy!

→Scheduled | Schedule your delivery to meet critical or flexible time windows. Deliveries are designed and routed to meet your unique needs that require scheduled days and time frame. Drivers familiar with your business are a welcome presence on the days and weeks required in clearly marked vehicles, vetted and badged to insure safety and security.

→Critical Parts Inventory | Aligning inventory with projected breakdowns can be costly and lack of storage presents mission-critical delays. By outsourcing your critical parts inventory and delivering, our warehouse becomes your solution in eliminating down time and reducing costs.

→Hazardous Material Certified | Hazmat (Hazardous Materials): as classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Transport of hazardous materials is strictly regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Safety of our workforce and safe delivery to our customers require the utmost attention when transporting hazardous material, articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported.

→Mail Sorting/Mailroom | More and more businesses are discovering the benefit of outsourcing interoffice mailroom services as a cost cutting, time saving solution. Internal capturing of inbound/outbound sorting, zip sorts, express mail packages/certified mail processing, and desk-to-desk/office-to-office/B2B delivery ensure smooth operations and prevent delays and additional cost of sending overnight packages; DMC Logistics’ per-stop rate is typically less expensive than shipping overnight. Many of our clients now experience the added benefit of multiple tasks related to mailroom activities including daily picks and drops.

→OS&D | (Over, short & damaged): A report designed to provide all exception from a consolidated shipment once received by delivering carrier. This report is critical in the transfer of cargo liability.

→Palletizing |  Product is placed on a pallet for movement or storage. This makes it easier for transport and reduces the chance for damage vs. having product floor loaded.

→Real Time POD | (Proof of Delivery) Our scanning systems are designed to facilitate complete chain-of-custody delivery to numerous interfaces that allow order load-up and tracking with real time data including electronic signature and GPS tracking through DMC Logistics’ internal TMS; our systems are continually inspected and updated.

→Reverse Logistics | Pallet and unservicable product return with movements between end points.

→Warehousing | Labor, forklift handling and storage of freight. Typically, In Fees/Out Fees are charged on a per pallet/duration basis.


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