Courier Logistics Delivery

 The Southwest’s leading provider of same day and next-day, critical LAST MILE logistics solutions.

At DMC Logistics we are passionate about achieving the best in logistics while honoring our customer requirements.  As a leading authority on logistics, our customers have relied on us for security, safety, and reliability of service for 28 Years.   In service to the customized logistics and delivery industry, we provide logistics services independent from many of the restrictions inherent to other companies in our industry in part, due to our Dominant Footprint in New Mexico and Scalable Operations in the Southwest, and mostly due to the skill and dedication of our team.  With warehouses and/or agents in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah we are here to contribute to the success of our customers.

We listen and ask the right questions to better understand your needs, whether the services you require are Scheduled or On-Demand, Line Hauls, 3PL Partnership, or a combination of logistics solutions, we manage performance based on your expectations. With our air and ground fleet we have the capability to grow with you, our customer.  Live Customer Service + Web-based real-time tracking provides delivery information 24/7.

Our LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS always enhance the way you do business resulting in positive experiences for people who work in deadline oriented environments and whose product has an impact at the LAST MILE. At DMC Logistics we call this LOGISTICS THINKING, our customers call it “smart.”

Welcome to the DMC Logistics™ Evolved World!